Saturday, May 02, 2015

Coachella Fest 2015

Did a photo shoot advocating Coachella festival 2015, Since I didn't get a chance to go to the exact place where it was held bcs I'm too far from it (I'm 8000 miles away from it). Coachella Festival is always a  star-studded event and its one of the most awaited fest every year during spring. Different artists will be spotted wearing arty-crafty fancy bohemian styles. Furthermore famous bands and world class dj's around the world will be performing too! Anyhow, the entire thought mixed up and I began to think that boho theme or bohemian inspired look will be great for this coachella photo shoot. Moreover Coachella Festival is all about diy's. So I scan my closet for clothes to diy and figure everything out on what to do. So I end up cutting my black tights turning it to cropped top. And baamm! The result of my diy is the cropped top I'm wearing here in my outfit! Fab right? Y'all can also make a crop top same as mine! You just have to find a worn-out or old tights and cut them under. Don't worry! I'll make some diy tutorial about that next time, When I finished my on queue projects as early as later. haha Anyhow, Back to the look. I wore that floral skirt since the theme is bohemian inspired and I paired it with my Dr. Martens boots and a bandana that suits the color of my outfit.That's all for my blog about coachella! Hope y'all enjoy reading! 


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