Thursday, May 14, 2015

Marsala Love

To start this blog I would like to let you readers know that this is a late blog post. It' Summer!! And I am so bored to death that time, That's why I did that photo shoot. This photos are three weeks ago from now. Btw. . . Today is May 14, 2015 and I'm here at Smart Tower 23rd floor. I'm here as an intern. I somehow still manage to blog during office hours. lmao.  

My inspiration was the American Style(Spring outfit). I want the look to be simple yet still looks fab.  As you can see I'm wearing a classic high knee black socks, Since it's spring! Shorts are so in rn!!! Yayyyy! 
I matched my floral bershka shorts with an f21 marsala top which I got from my fave aunt. to add a bit of a twist paired my cbs with a bronze flats. Sorry the flats is not included in the whole picture bcs I cropped the photo. I think I nailed the simple spring ootd yet looking so fab. To finish the whole outfit I added a few armcandy hairtie to add some color. Ha! Ha!
Well anw that's all. I gtg for now. Cheriooo.
Thanks for dropping by readers! Have a great day y'all!!Air kisses with love! 


Saturday, May 02, 2015

Coachella Fest 2015

Did a photo shoot advocating Coachella festival 2015, Since I didn't get a chance to go to the exact place where it was held bcs I'm too far from it (I'm 8000 miles away from it). Coachella Festival is always a  star-studded event and its one of the most awaited fest every year during spring. Different artists will be spotted wearing arty-crafty fancy bohemian styles. Furthermore famous bands and world class dj's around the world will be performing too! Anyhow, the entire thought mixed up and I began to think that boho theme or bohemian inspired look will be great for this coachella photo shoot. Moreover Coachella Festival is all about diy's. So I scan my closet for clothes to diy and figure everything out on what to do. So I end up cutting my black tights turning it to cropped top. And baamm! The result of my diy is the cropped top I'm wearing here in my outfit! Fab right? Y'all can also make a crop top same as mine! You just have to find a worn-out or old tights and cut them under. Don't worry! I'll make some diy tutorial about that next time, When I finished my on queue projects as early as later. haha Anyhow, Back to the look. I wore that floral skirt since the theme is bohemian inspired and I paired it with my Dr. Martens boots and a bandana that suits the color of my outfit.That's all for my blog about coachella! Hope y'all enjoy reading! 


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Plaid Chic

It was lunch. Got home early so I decided to shoot,  Since I still have time. Took this "rare opportunity" bc I barely have time to shoot for my outfits bcs of my restless schedule at school. As you all can notice I rarely post here in my blog. Been busy at school the past few weeks got loads of school works to do, Exams and all. Well anyhow, this is my first photo shoot for this year! Hurrah! 

Btw. I used tripod for this shoot bc no one's gonna take a pic of me that day, Everyone's out. So much thanks to the inventor of tripod. If tripod wasn't invented then how will the people whose alone will be able to shoot then? They'll maybe place the camera on top of the table or chair or anything? But that's not possible. Haha! 

 I think I'm talking too much. Meeh. I missed blogging anyway! This is gonna be my first post for this year! Back to my look! I love washday! I love washday only because I get to wear anything I wanna wear. But I literally hate the day wednesday bc my sched is so full during Wednesdays. haha. Anw, I wore my maroon bench high-waist jeggings and paired it with a roxy racerback top and since racerback top, sleeveless and everything showy clothes is not allowed in school so I paired it with a plaid mossimo long sleeve and finish the look with my fave pair of Dr.M's well that's all for my look. 
Thanks for dropping by! Have a great day!

My look:
Mossimo Plaid ls 
Roxy racerback
Bench jegging
Dr.Marten boots


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014

As the year comes to an end, don’t look back at yesterday's disappointment. Look ahead to God's promises yet to unfold. "My year ender" blog post.  

The clock is ticking.. few minutes left before the year ends. hundred seconds before we open a brand new book. My year went upside down, but this year taught me a lot.  Made me stronger. 2014 is full of beautiful memories to treasure, to remember. I have to admit that 2014 went really well. Thank you God for letting me get through the challenges and trials that you've given to me this 2014.  Tomorrow is the first blank page the 365 page book. New Chapter. New Beginning. Set Goals. Change the little thing you can everyday. So yeah, We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's day! Right now! That's all for my blog. Cherioo

My look: 
Hollister floral dress
DKNY cardigan