Thursday, May 14, 2015

Marsala Love

To start this blog I would like to let you readers know that this is a late blog post. It' Summer!! And I am so bored to death that time, That's why I did that photo shoot. This photos are three weeks ago from now. Btw. . . Today is May 14, 2015 and I'm here at Smart Tower 23rd floor. I'm here as an intern. I somehow still manage to blog during office hours. lmao.  

My inspiration was the American Style(Spring outfit). I want the look to be simple yet still looks fab.  As you can see I'm wearing a classic high knee black socks, Since it's spring! Shorts are so in rn!!! Yayyyy! 
I matched my floral bershka shorts with an f21 marsala top which I got from my fave aunt. to add a bit of a twist paired my cbs with a bronze flats. Sorry the flats is not included in the whole picture bcs I cropped the photo. I think I nailed the simple spring ootd yet looking so fab. To finish the whole outfit I added a few armcandy hairtie to add some color. Ha! Ha!
Well anw that's all. I gtg for now. Cheriooo.
Thanks for dropping by readers! Have a great day y'all!!Air kisses with love! 


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