Thursday, January 29, 2015

Plaid Chic

It was lunch. Got home early so I decided to shoot,  Since I still have time. Took this "rare opportunity" bc I barely have time to shoot for my outfits bcs of my restless schedule at school. As you all can notice I rarely post here in my blog. Been busy at school the past few weeks got loads of school works to do, Exams and all. Well anyhow, this is my first photo shoot for this year! Hurrah! 

Btw. I used tripod for this shoot bc no one's gonna take a pic of me that day, Everyone's out. So much thanks to the inventor of tripod. If tripod wasn't invented then how will the people whose alone will be able to shoot then? They'll maybe place the camera on top of the table or chair or anything? But that's not possible. Haha! 

 I think I'm talking too much. Meeh. I missed blogging anyway! This is gonna be my first post for this year! Back to my look! I love washday! I love washday only because I get to wear anything I wanna wear. But I literally hate the day wednesday bc my sched is so full during Wednesdays. haha. Anw, I wore my maroon bench high-waist jeggings and paired it with a roxy racerback top and since racerback top, sleeveless and everything showy clothes is not allowed in school so I paired it with a plaid mossimo long sleeve and finish the look with my fave pair of Dr.M's well that's all for my look. 
Thanks for dropping by! Have a great day!

My look:
Mossimo Plaid ls 
Roxy racerback
Bench jegging
Dr.Marten boots


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