Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Baked in the Sun

Waling-Waling Resort.

Caught on cam. The Lovers! 

Shadow shot of ate lan and kuya manuel. Filled with love.

Sand in the Rock formation part only. Footprints. 

Baammm!! Jump shot!


Grabbed this photo from my dad.The rest are all mine. 


Vinzons, Camarines Norte hide pretty little secrets. A paradise called Calaguas group of islands. Recently they've become the number 1 best beaches in the Philippines! Good job bicolanos! Proud to be one! Before, the island is not distinguished.  And then the years past.. many people quickly discovered the island. . as a matter of fact it was featured in media many times. Many tourist from distant places went to this place( beach chasers), who easily fall in love with the place and kept coming back. Many tourist also kept coming back because of its peaceful and very relaxing ambiance. I hope it'll not look like Boracay. 

Felt the big waves crashing through the boat, feels like the waves are giving a high five on our boat. The smell of the sea. The taste of the sea water. . Bammm! Calaguas! 

A perfect sunny day spent at Calaguas Island, we stayed there 3 days and two nights weekend bonding with family at the same time mother's day celebration as well. Went there last May 10. Its our 4th time in Calaguas we've been there before.The feeling you get when you went to this place is like eating your favorite food that you kept on eating over and over that you wouldn't be tired of eating eat no matter what. Very Satisfying! Because when you reached this beautiful island you'll be stunned. It's a great place to spend your summer vacation! Perfff for Beach chasers! That feeling I get when I'm hearing  stories or knowing so many tourist are going to the island the feeling of "selfishness." Like I don't want people to know that there's a beautiful island in our place. I don't want it to be known by other people. Lol. The reason is  I don't want it to be crowded like Bora. I don't want it to look gaunt. Forgive me. Haha! Feelin' like I own the place Lol. 

But traveling to the beautiful island is a bit risky, especially when the boat is too little. The time travel is 6hours drive Mla to Bicol or 9hours when you take the bus and 1 hour and 30mins from Vinzons to Calaguas by the boat of course. Even though you have to wait for so long in the car and also in the boat to reach Calaguas, No regrets when you reached it already. Worth the wait!! And worth the expenses! Haha! Renting a boat to Calaguas is too expensive! But worth it! 

So, let's go back to my look. I wore something comfortable yet fashionable. So. Yeah, the maxi pants.  Its a perfff match for my OP swimwear! Plus its a great outfit when your at the beach like this. I love the printed maxi pants from f21 coz' its soft and sleek. Feels warm on the inside when you wear it. Didn't expect that it'll match my OP swimwear. Plus the hat! What a perf combi! So that's what i wore on the 2nd day. 

We did enjoy our weekend vacation at Calaguas group of islands. They also have night parties and free drinks when you belong with the package team. There's a lot of exciting activities there. You can trek up to the hill, or ride a kayak, go snorkeling, island hopping, beach volleyball, swim, unwind and many more. You'll definitely enjoy the beach! 

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