Monday, February 03, 2014

When you fall in love...

They say you only fall in love once and after that all you do is rewriting the first poem you ever loved. Well, i don’t know about that, i don’t know if it’s true and all we are just kidding ourselves as if we are in love again. But i do know that if it’s not true and if we can fall in love again -which i think we can,- then it’s not the first love that matters. It’s the second love even third. Cause first love makes you fly so high but when it’s over, man, it’s over and it hurts like invisible gigantic creatures stabbing you on the chest with their gigantic knives. It’s bad and it can eat you alive. It consumes the shit out of the light and joy inside you.
But one day and that one day is the day you least expect it, someone comes along. They make you feel alright, makes you feel warm and like your wounds -which is a cliche word to use but kind of irreplaceable with another one-, all your wounds are getting better. You feel some sort of a conncetion, you know there is something going on but you are afraid to name it. So you just go with it for a while. Then one day you realize you love them. You love that person not only because they make you feel better and loved and they are caring and you two have great time together but because you really, really feel you love them inside your heart. You realize you are in love with that person.
They are the ones that actually matter and not only your first love. Cause they make you believe you can fall in love again, someone can fall in love with you again like someone else did before. Maybe even more powerful and even better. Which is the greatest thing i can think of.
So if you feel sad and depressed after your first love, if you feel those invisible gigantic creatures stabbing you on the chest and if you think you will live the rest of your life feeling shit like this: no. That is not true. You will fall in love again. I gurantee you, you will fall amazingly in love again.
 Made me cry. :(

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