Sunday, June 03, 2012

Hello There! This is my First Blog. That's why I'm so exciteddd for this Look!!!! Haha.
 I wore these yesterday to attend the anticipated mass with my grandparents. :)

   I Love my Get up. Don't you love it? 
  I'm wearing a  Old navy button down top, That I found in my Ate's closet. Haha! 
She didn't know that I'm wearing her Long Sleeves, Hihi. Since She's not here. Its ok. ;) 

This photo shoot happened last night, maybe 9 in the evening. Haha. So Funny right? 
Photo shoot in the Middle of the night. :) 

The texture of this Old navy button down top is really soft. I wanna wear it over and over again. 

I really like this Esprit sling bag because of its vintage look. And I love the texture too! 

Jump shot <3 
Yay! It turn-out well. I thought the jump shot will disappoint me. But not. Haha! 
My look is mejo indie-ish 

  Doc Marten 1460 8 eye Boot Brown...
Before I don't like DMs talga, But now I really love them na. :) 

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