Monday, February 03, 2014

Booch Blue

And yes before the year ends. i will blog about my new outfit post, and this will gonna be  my last post for this year. i wore this outfit last Sunday! Went to my niece ‘s baptism. and the venue was held at Terrace Grill. So this here! My outfit post after 1234456789 yearss….. I’m glad that i finally posted a new look after a long time.

With my beauty and brains CouSis! we’re sisters from a different mother. :) 

Tomorrow is the first blank page the 365 page book. Write a good one! 2014. Don’t make resolutions. Make changes. Start now. Change the little things you can everyday. Do what you love and fill the 365 pages of a brand new book
I’m so glad that this year will finally end.  Let’s make 2014 rock n’ roll! Adios 2013! 365th day of the year. 
The clock is ticking., few hours before we say goodbye to the memories of 2013! 

- SillyGillie xx. Let’s enjoy the last day of 2013! 



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