Monday, February 03, 2014

Nothing burns like the cold..

 I know I maybe a little too late for this blog post. I really had fun with this photo shoot with my daddyoo! Yeah I know, It’s almost 3 days before i write this blog post. I’ve been too lazy to write and post this blog the past few days..I don’t know what i’m feeling. I maybe tired because of too much school works. But when we did the photo shoot ‘twas fun and i’m very excited about it! And when I saw the outcome of this photo shoot it made me more excited to post it and fascinated as well. I really love the shots. Thanks to my “Awesmzng cool Dad” for taking my pictures. Since winter feels here in the Philippines, I decided to put together my neon gap pull over with my hoodie cardigan like coz’ of its lengthy size. and my all time favorite booties Doc Martens! Classic! I always say this over and over that I love combining different but complementary items. Like the neon with the black hoodie and floral skirt. I’m ready for the winter here in the Philippines. Hahaa! As if though! Now, after so many years, I understand what the Coldness was and where it came from—this sense that everything is lost, and worthless, and meaningless… Bammm! Did a photo shoot with my dad this morning with our cutie yorky named Happy! Indeed its cold outside. Freezing cold that you might not want to go outside.. winter-y feeling here in the Philippines! :”) 

- SillyGillie. xx 

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