Friday, April 18, 2014

My past is a bit checkered.

Well, Yeah its Lent season.  The 40 weekdays from Ash Wednesday until Easter observed by Christians as a season of fasting and penitence in preparation for Easter. The photos above are last year's holy Wednesday at my Lola's house in Vinzons. Wasn't able to take pictures of Mary Magdalene last Wednesday, so I posted the last year's because i forgot to bring my camera. Lame right? Haha. Well anw, its okay! Besides its Lent season. It's a season of grief, time for solemn and religious observance. It is a season of sorrowful reflection. 

 Statues and icons veiled in violet shrouds for Passiontide. U.K
But in our church the saints are covered with black shrouds. We hear the mass yesterday with my guy and all the saints were covered with black shrouds  even in the museum of saints. i find it a lil' bit creepy. But we all know that there's a story behind that.  
Only the 14 Stations of the Cross plaques on the walls are not veiled. They say that In order to keep the faithful from adoring the Crucifixes elaborated with ornamentation, veiling it in royal purple fabrics came into place. The violet colour later evolved as a color of penance and mourning.

My dad  took these photos from here upward. And starting from the photo below, is a timer shot with my tripod. Because I don't have a decent photo while not wearing sunglasses. I mean i have a photo not wearing sunglasses but, I don't like most of them. So i shoot again using my tripod. Timer Timer!  Heee.

This is my outfit last holy Wednesday when we went to Vinzons. 
Diy'ed checkered  top, I cut the sleeves of my checkered polo coz' i don't feel like wearing it with sleeves. Haha! I think it's way cooler in that way. right? Besides its summer! I love to Diy. I love to experiment. Obviously! Heee. And my inner top is hollister tube, and paired it with Bebe denim shorts and some of a bad-girl street cred, i'm set for a night of ruckus! Hippie with a touch of roick. 

SillyGillie. xx

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