Friday, March 07, 2014

Doctor Doctor

Well, I've done this shoot last month but i just had the time to blog about this right now because of so many school works. Hellweek (Finals) is fast approaching.. then will be hittin'  the beach in a few. Great isn't it?  
I love the title of this look Doctor Doctor it just popped into my mind suddenly while i was brain storming about what will be the title of this blog post. Lol. I remember i wore this outfit on a holiday. maybe Edsa People Power. and from what i remember too is we ate @Hungry A's diner that time. Pig out.  and guess what i got 
 a bold stare from people who sees me. I don't know why, but i don't care. Haha. Maybe they just saw something unusual(fashion).
 I love Dm's! don't care if its having too much exposure on my blog. heee. :)

- Gillianne. xx

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